Bun Stop – A Poetry Film

Myself and poet Paul Summers have collaborated before on these videos. We wanted to make a video that was a little different this time, we set out to find beauty in the grimiest parts of Newcastle.

Together with brilliantly talented composer Roma Yagnik  we created Bun Stop which we hope is the first of a few short poetry films about the North East. We want to work with other local composers and actors, the overall project will be called Confluence.

Bun Stop has had the honour of winning the Heart & Mind Zine Judges Choice award

“This is exactly the kind of multi-media art collaborations we love at HMZ, in fact after receiving it, I was quick to review the work and have given a perfect 60/60 score earning your film our “Judge’s Choice” award… The imagery, poetry, and music all come to together in perfect unison to create a powerful experience.  I can honestly tell you I have tears in my eyes and goosebumps after watching the piece.”

Tomovi Keoni, Editor-in-Chief, Heart & Mind Zine


Bun Stop was featured at the International Poetry Festival in Greece, Rabbit Heart Poetry Festival in Worchester, Massachusetts, and Hope Film Awards in Dhaka as well as being featured in numerous blogs and ezines.




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