4 generations of papercutting

I come from 4 generations of silhouette artists. My great grandad was a silhouette artist who created classic profile style portraits with scissors in his shop on Brighton Pier. My great uncle followed in his footsteps and ran his shop until his premature death. My uncle John Speight picked up a scalpel in the 90s and took the art to a new level, the detail of his work is frankly astounding you can find his work here. I have never really tried papercutting but recently I decided to give it a shot. Admittedly I lack my uncles patience or attention to detail so I thought I would try a new direction combining it with photography to create some more depth.

bts the hunter


I Love the Film Noir genre, Silhouette cutting lends itself perfectly to this style.




                          bts-the-loner         bts-the-loner-2          the-couple-bts